2011-It was a very good year!

I am always encouraging others to take the time to reflect before they enter into a new engagement or new stage of life and I will do my best to take my own advice as we embark upon the  year 2012.  2011 holds many good memories for me and I’ll do my best to point out those that really worked well and also talk about a few that were learning experiences.  Here goes!

  • Ryan Search & Consulting kicked off in November 2010, but we really got moving in 2011.  During the first quarter of the year I spent a lot of time working on the web presence and social media presence of the firm.  This blog was given birth during that  period and I have found ways to successfully couple this with several social networks that have some value to what I do.  I can say that I have been pleased with how this has all come together and the SEO value of my site seems to get me to where I want to be.  Like a fine wine, I hope that my web presence and network presence will get better as 2012 kicks into high gear.
  • During May and June I had the opportunity to venture to England   dan and bp   to work with a colleague where we provided leadership development activities and coaching to leaders in a Nashville-based client.  This was a great learning experience for me also as I learned first hand that the USA and England are two countries separated by a common language.  It was great to work with this client again, but it was also a great cultural experience to see the sights of London and also to visit Brownsea Island, a sacred place in Scouting lore.
  • November took me back to Las Vegas for a second consecutive year as I spoke to many HR professionals as part of the M Lee Smith and BLR AEIS conference.  I am starting to develop a greater appreciation for Vegas and I built a number of new friendships while there.  One of my seminar attendees was even kind enough to send a turkey that my family enjoyed during the Christmas holidays. (Thanks!)
  • I brought on two search assistants/consultants to help with my workload as the volume increased during the year.  It is hard for me to delegate at times and this will be a stretch experience for me as I learn how to manage and grow the business while I still keep my hands on it to a great degree.
  • We had our first board of advisors meeting in November of 2011.  My current board has four outstanding members and they represent markets and skillsets that will help me as I grow our firm.  Many thanks to Rob Barrick, Jim Fuller, Dan Gaudette and Margaret Reynolds for their service.
  • We engaged our first two clients in our RPO service during the third and fourth quarters of 2011.  The firms represented two totally different market segments and we learned some valuable lessons from each of these clients.  In both cases I would say that my greatest learning is to fully understand what the client is looking for and to also make sure the client knows that as well.      There is nothing worse than heading in one direction to only learn later that the client has something totally different in mind, or better, to learn that the client cannot fully articulate what they are looking for.  This kind of learning is not the most pleasant, but it is something that will make a difference in what we do in the future.

As I look ahead for 2012 I can honestly say that the future looks very good.  We have a good backlog of business for 2012 and the number of inquiries we are getting is greater than I have ever seen in my 6 years in this business.  I give thanks to God, and his son Jesus, for these opportunities and I look forward to making many new friends and engaging both our current and future clients in 2012.

I’ll share more about the future in an upcoming post.  We wish you the best from all of us at Ryan Search & Consulting.