3 Ways to Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

Most of us are looking for ways to improve and enhance our skills in order to be better in our present role and to prepare for future roles. Our current firms may offer many ways to do this, but there are other ways to become a better leader that will not cost your firm a dime. In fact, some of the best development you will ever have should come outside your day-to-day work.

My own journey has provided many opportunities to become a better leader. I’ll share 3 ways I have found to do so through my own experience or through the experience of others. These are not the only ways, but I can attest to the fact that each of these ways will work.

  1. Join a non-profit board: I first got involved with a non-profit in 1990 when I became a volunteer for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. This small start provided me with the opportunity to work with some of the most skilled non-profit executives I have ever known. In addition, this experience put me into contact with others in totally different professions who helped me learn things I would have never learned on my own. My YMCA journey allowed me to learn more about team development as well as learning about how to identify and enlist leaders for a cause. The end results were amazing for all of us, but my own personal growth ended up being of great benefit to my career.
  2. Join a civic club: I am a chronic joiner, so this one was not hard for me to start. I joined the Lions Club in the late 1980’s and ended up being the president of the club. I later joined Rotary and also had the opportunity to be president of my club. Again, these organizations allowed me to learn more about working with others to identify and support a cause. Even more, these organizations have world-wide platforms and I have had the opportunity to visit with similar clubs in Japan and India while traveling. The world becomes much smaller when you insert yourself into something that is much larger than you are.
  3. Volunteer in an activity that involves your family or children: I have many stories that revolve around this, but the best and most long lasting would be my work with Scouting. Both of our sons enjoyed Scouting and I had the opportunity to help form a new Scout troop and then help it grow and flourish. In addition, I had the chance to work with many other young men who learned valuable life skills while having fun in the outdoors. What most don’t realize is that Scouting has a strong adult leadership program, namely the Wood Badge program, and I had the chance to “get my beads” in Wood Badge and then serve on staff at other Wood Badge courses. Scouting has lasted a lifetime for me and the opportunities for service extend to men and women alike of all ages.

These three examples are just a start. I am sure each of you can add to this list. There are opportunities everywhere to hone and grow your skills as a leader. All that you need to do is take first step and get involved.

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