3 Words that make me Cringe

Gallup does a lot of useful research and if I were king for a day I would commission them to find out which words people use that need to be avoided or eliminated.

Since I am not the king, I'll share my own list with a brief description regarding why I avoid or cringe at the usage of each word.

Suck-This word has become way too common and I find it to be almost guttural.  The fact that is being used in common communication, such as newspapers and magazines, gives me pause for concern.  This word sucks as much as how I feel when I see or hear it used.  Avoid this word!

Synergy-The word synergy has great value when used correctly, but it has become such an overused tool for those who are trying to sound smart while in the presence of others.  I would rather have others make their own decision on my degree of intelligence based on my actions and not on the overuse of words like this one.

Expert-When I think of the word expert it brings to mind someone with long fingernails running them down a chalkboard while sticking their tongue to a frozen pipe where it will be cemented in place for hours.  Does that paint a clear enough picture?  The word expert is such a crutch and whenever anyone uses this word to describe me (which is rare), I quickly deflect the word and call myself a practitioner.  Experts are a dime a dozen.  Real experts don't need the title.

While this may seem a like a short list, I have two others to share that are working their way up my pain list:

Collaborate-On one hand I really like the meaning of the word collaborate, but it is quickly becoming overused in some areas.  I have found that some use the word collaborate to paint a picture of how they want things to be perceived as they move forward with a dictatorial approach to decision making.

Vision-I really like the word vision as well as I like collaborate, but vision is so overused and action is extremely underused.  We live in a world of vision that is not acted upon.  How much better off would we be if we had more action as a result of a true vision?

Enough for today; which words really get on your nerves?

Come on, share them with me; let me feel your pain!