5 Reasons you Should Spend more time on Reflection

As we wind down the year 2011  I thought I would take some time to reflect upon the high points and low points for this year.  As I thought more about this it made sense to share the reasons I find value in reflection not only for myself, but for anyone who wants to become better and what they do or who wants to become more successful in who they are.  We are not talking about rocket science here, but these often overlooked points can make a big difference if you will just take some time to pause and consider, and reflect.

1.  Ready-Fire-Aim

Most of us in America understand the phrase Ready-Fire-Aim in comparison to the often suggested Ready-Aim-Fire.     The problem with most of us in this country is that we are in such a hurry to check something off of our list that we don’t take enough time to consider how and why we are doing something, but we hurry up to do it and then wish we had give more thought afterward.  The next time you get ready to implement or execute something new, consider whether you have used RFA or RAF.  If you do take the time to think, reflect and consider options your final outcome will typically be a great improvement.

2.  How did I get to this point?

Reflection enables anyone the ability to look back and consider just how you got to where you are.  Most of us are so caught up in just moving forward that we don’t take that backward glance to think about what happened to get you to the job you are in, the relationship you are part of, or any one of a number of present situations in our lives.

Take a short pause and look back.

  • What were the steps that caused you to be where you are today?
  • Are you happy with where you are?
  • If so, how do you keep going in this direction?
  • If not, how can you “correct” your direction to get back on track?

3.  Where am I going?

This is the corollary to our previous statement.  As I once heard from a popular story, “If you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there.”     Without taking time to reflect, or to plan, causes any one of us to head off headlong, typically at a high rate of speed, in a direction that may be just what you want, or it may be in totally the opposite direction.  Without taking that time to plan, in addition to the backward glance, you will never know where you are going or how to make the corrections that may need to take place.

4.  All we have is time

People worry about money all of the time.  Money is important, but time is more important.  You can always make more money, but you will never have any more time.  I believe that God has put each of us here for a purpose and with that purpose we have a fixed amount of time.  The most challenging issue is the fact that none of us knows just how much time we have.  You can be swimming in money, but what good will it do you if you have no time to put it to good use?  Time is important.  Use each day, each hour, each minute, like it is your last.  Spend time doing what is important, not just what makes you more money.  If you adopt this attitude you will find that life is much more fulfilling.

5.  Relationships matter

Time is important, but where you spend your time is more critical.  People are the most important resource I know of from a human perspective and and reflecting upon those relationships can make the difference in what you do and who you do it with.  Take the time to forge long-lasting and important relationships with family, friends and those you work with.  Listen to what they say and don’t sleep with things on your mind that need to be said.  You never know when the person you want to speak with might become unavailable or unwilling to talk with you.  Life is short-live it now!

Reflection is a key point in anyone’s life and it is critical to making sure we spend our time where it really matters.  Jump off of that treadmill     that most of us run on daily in our lives and think about where you are, how you got there, and where you want to go next.  If you do you will find your life to be much more rewarding and fulfilling.  I guarantee it!