5 Ways to Pump New Life into your Job Search

On this Easter Monday I first want to wish each of you a most blessed and Happy Easter.

It is no mistake that yesterday was the most significant day in the Christian calendar and it is one that brings many significant memories for me.

Your job search may have stalled, like many do, and today’s post will discuss 5 ways you can bring new life into your job search.  Many people I have worked with over the past few years have had to spend significant time in their search process and there are things you can do to bring some new buzz and excitement to your search.  Let’s take a look at 5 of these.

  1. Revise your resume-This may seem like a  simple thing, but some simple revisions to your resume can make substantial impact, especially if you are submitting your resume into automatic systems that many firms now use.  You always need to remember that these automatic systems are keyword driven and you need to sculpt your  resume to meet the criteria of the respective role you are pursuing.
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile-LinkedIn has become a staple of every job search and your profile needs to be maintained as religiously as your resume.  You need to make changes to your profile to fit the needs of the types of roles you are pursuing.  Make sure there are no typos or mistaken word usages in the profile and always keep your summary up to date and keyword rich.
  3. Update your target list-You do have a target list, don’t you?  If you don’t have a target firm list, create one.  If you do have a target list, take a hard look at this list and weed out the firms that don’t seem to fit any longer and add new ones that may be worth looking in to.
  4. Review your networking process-Many of us get into “ruts” when it comes to networking and we end up doing the same things in the same places.  Do something different; talk to some new people, go to some new places and do something you have never tried before.  Remember, the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and to expect different results.
  5. Pray daily-This will turn some of you off, but think about it.  Being in a job search is a very stressful place and you need all of  the support you can muster.  There is plenty of support in the physical world and you will find a strong sense of security by asking for the support of the Almighty.

I hope this list helps each of you in a search.  If you live in the Nashville area I invite you to come hear me speak on Monday April 25 at the Career Transition Support Group.  I’ll be talking about many social networks other than LinkedIn.

Have a great week!