ACE Mentor of Nashville holds 10th Annual Banquet

As a new board member I enthusiastically attended the 10th annual ACE Mentor of Nashville banquet this past Tuesday evening.

it had been four years since my last ACE banquet and it was inspiring to see so many young men and women pursue their dreams through the year-long process where they worked with such dedicated Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Owners and Subcontractors to learn the process of completing a project.

Below you will see a few photos from groups at local high schools who participated this past year.

You will also see a photo of Joseph Cole, an ACE alumni who attended architecture school at UT-Knoxville and then came home to work with architecture firm Thomas, Miller and Partners.  Joseph will also be speaking at the AIA convention this May in Washington, DC.

ACE is a great example of STEM in action.

This has been a STEM filled week for me as I spend my Friday afternoon with the students from the GK-12 program here in the Nashville area.

More about GK-12 later.

Joseph Cole speaks to the ACE Banquet in Nashville

ACE Team from Williamson County, TN

ACE Team from Cane Ridge High School

ACE Team from Independence High School in 2008

Several are now graduating from Building Science at Auburn or

enrolled in Architecture at UT-Knoxville