Another step along the road of life

This is a big week in the life of our family.  We are extremely fortunate and blessed to live in America and in one of the most prosperous places in America, the Nashville, TN area.  On Saturday June 20 our oldest son, Daniel Ryan, will marry Molly McCullough in a ceremony in Nashville and this will be another significant step in not only their lives, but also in ours.  Let me share a little about the thoughts going through my mind as I compare and contrast this event through the eyes of a father as well as considering this same step in my life almost 33 years ago.

Daniel was born in January of 1988 on a snowy day in the city of Springfield, TN.  He was always a happy child and he had the good fortune/misfortune to have a father who is a raving lunatic when it comes to sports.  I raised my son to be a Cub fan and a Notre Dame fan.  When he was young I would sing the Notre Dame fight song to him at night and he memorized the batting order of the Cubs after I made him repeat it many, many times.  Through all of this torture he has grown into a fine young man who has abandoned the Domers and become a solid alum and fan of the Vanderbilt Commodores.

When he was just over two we were fortunate to have a second son, Matthew, who became the sibling and best friend of his older brother.  It gives me great joy to see how well they get along with one another and to also see that they have great fellowship not only among themselves, but also with their fiancées.   (Our younger son will wed in August of this year; more on that in a future post.)

While Daniel has been saddled with the name of his father, he has become his own man and he has enjoyed great success in most everything he has attempted.  He poured himself into Scouting and became an Eagle Scout at the age of 16.  His goal was to attend and graduate from Vanderbilt University and he was able to accomplish this in 2010.  He has never shied away from work and always has something going on the side in addition to his core work duties.  I appreciate his resourcefulness.

As a parent I have enjoyed every moment of the journey and I am looking forward to this weekend as an event that will signify his crossing over to the next phase of his life.  I pray that he and Molly will enjoy all the happiness that his mother and I have experienced and I have no doubt that he will one day soon be singing “Dynamite” to his children.  (Dynamite is the Vanderbilt Fight song).

Life is full of many steps and experiences and I flood with emotion when I consider the many steps we have taken, with God’s grace, to get to this point.

I look forward to the next steps as we cross this next threshold on June 20.

Congratulations to Daniel and Molly!  I love you both so much.