Are you a Symmetrical Leader?

A Symmetrical Leader is one who is balanced and responsive to the situation at hand.  This does not mean that you are only reactive, but it does mean that you are flexible and able to analyze the situation or task at hand.  Experience is key in becoming a Symmetrical Leader.

Consider this example:  You are leading  a team that is attempting to bring a project online and within budget.  The project is fraught with challenges that could never have been predicted.  There has been turnover in team membership and you have been frustrated, challenged, angry, and lacking in patience.  The Symmetrical Leader is one who know how to respond to the situation as it develops.

How does one learn how to analyze a situation and then how to carry out the right plan to deal with the situation at hand.  We’ll talk more about that in the coming weeks.

What is your example where you showed your Leadership Symmetry?  When have you had situations where things didn’t go the way you wanted, how did you react and what did you learn?

How can you become a more Symmetrical Leader?