Are you considering the outsourcing of your Recruitment Function? Are there challenges in doing…

My recent posts have talked about the RPO, or Recruitment Process Outsourcing world, and I wanted to add to this dialogue today with some additional information that describes some pitfalls that could occur when a firm chooses this direction.  While I talk about the potential downside I will also discuss methods to keep these from occurring.

What could be the downfall of a RPO program in your firm?  Here are a few thoughts?

  1. The RPO does not understand our business
  2. We do not get the results we anticipated from the RPO
  3. Our staff is not “connected” to the talent acquisition or recruitment process

There could be a number of other issues, but let’s look at each of these in some detail.

If your RPO does not understand your business or your needs  there is probably fault on both sides of the table.  Just as in our Retained Search process at Ryan Search & Consulting, we take the time to get to know the players involved so that we can gain a greater understanding of the firm and how things work.  We have found that the better we do on the front end, the better the result in most cases.  If you choose to talk with or engage an RPO firm you should expect them to “move in” to some degree so that they can better know the family that candidates would interface with.

Not getting results from your RPO is also usually a shared challenge.  The better job that is done in the previous area we just discussed, understanding the business, the better the result should be.  I would also tell you that an RPO who says they can fulfill all of their needs is unusual and any outsourced solution should have limits about the range of positions they get involved with.  Boundaries are important within the firm and you should have boundaries also when it comes to what your RPO can and cannot fulfill in your Talent Acquisition needs.

Not having a good connection   to your outsourced solution again ties back to the original discussion we have had today.  This failure also has roots within the leadership of the hiring firm because it is essential for the client to engage and make their leadership aware of the role of the client in any talent acquisition process, either internal or external.  I cannot tell you how many times that a TA process has done a good or great job in bringing candidates to the table, only to have them left hanging with the appropriate hiring manager doesn’t take the time to meet in a timely manner.  As we always say, “Time kills all deals.”  The talent acquisition process must progress in a timely and efficient manner or it is doomed to failure.

So there you have it.  I have not covered every base, but if you are thinking about engaging an outsourced recruiting or Talent Acquisition partner in an RPO arrangement you should pay close attention to each of the three items listed above.

Failure to do so will be costly and disappointing.

My next post will give you some direction regarding resources you should consult in the RPO world.  Ryan Search & Consulting may just be one to consider if you operate in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Life Science or Utility world.

Have a great Fourth of July weekend!