Are you Filling the Gap Effectively?

We have the opportunity to talk with many people about issues they deal with in their work and professional lives.  While doing so, we learn a great deal about what seems to be working well and what does not work so well.  This type of discussion often leads to identifying some type of gap either in their professional work, or in the organization they are part of.  Getting down to the gap is sometimes easy, but often hard, because people often get distracted with symptoms and don't know how to identify the true root causes of the issues they are dealing with.

Gap Analysis is a term used in many professions.  Each one of us, at some point, has to identify where we are versus where we want to be.  The difference between the current and desired outcome is the Gap that needs to be overcome or bridged.

I have the privilege of working with others to help identify this gap.  The gap can usually be associated with one of the following when it comes to analyzing an organization:

  • wrong skill set in a given role
  • solid skill set in the role, but not for the current or future needs for the organization
  • team of skilled members, but not possessing the right complementary skills or experiences for the current and/or future needs of the organization

Talent Acquisition is not an easy process, but it becomes even more challenging when the leaders of a firm don't really understand all of the players on the team.

Finding the right "fit" is a key process in making sure that teams and organizations work as effectively as possible.  We have had the ability to help many find this right fit.

How do you go about finding the right fit?  There are several ways:

  • feedback from team members
  • feedback from clients
  • assessment using tools that measure a variety of preferences and motivators for each given individual

Filling the gap is never an easy process, but it can be more successful when a firm takes the time to review and discuss the external and internal issues that affect the team and each member of the team.

Knowing the gap comes first.

Understanding where you want to go comes next.

Filling the gap can then be done effectively after the first two steps are done.

How do you go about filling your gaps?