Are you looking for a professional to work with your Talent Acquisition process?

In my work in the Talent Acquisition area I often think of how to work with clients.  We offer a wide variety of solutions to our clients, but the one issue that seems to be a challenge to some is the fact that we operate as a Retained firm.  While this may be in the minority in the Talent Acquisition field, I have often given thought to some parallels that might exist in other industries. 

Consider the following:

  • Many firms have an accounting firm, stocked with CPAs, who do tax work.  Instead of working with my current firm next year, how would it work if I were to send my tax information to three separate firms, wait to see who gets the best result, and then pay the one with the answer I like best.
  • I previously worked for a consulting engineering firm.  Many of our projects were to design electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems for healthcare facilities of all kinds across the country.  In many cases our clients were architectural firms.  How would it work if architects sent the building design to three engineering firms, asked them to submit full plans for the MEP systems, and then pay the one with the best or cheapest bid to do the work?
  • Your wife is pregnant and is about to go into labor.  Instead of having the same OB-GYN throughout the entire pregnancy, you tell her to talk with 2 or 3 of these doctors and then choose the one you want to use just prior to the birth of the child.

Some of you will look at my examples and say, “we are comparing apples and oranges”.  Those of you who say that may have chosen to view the talent acquisition process as a commodity.  This can be a dangerous mindset to employ.

Companies will say that their people are their most important resource.  I agree that this is the truth.  At the same time, the same companies, not all of them, but many , will choose the least expensive method to find this critical, most important resource, their human capital assets.

I will also freely admit that the barriers to entry to the Talent Acquisition or recruiting field are low, too low.  That is the truth.  That reason is why the discriminating firm will take their time to establish solid relationships with reputable firms who know their industry well.

You would never consider letting a physician perform surgery on you without knowing the entire medical history prior to the operation.

Why would you want to treat your talent acquisition partner as a commodity?  If you want the best result, take the time to help your partner learn all they can about what the needed role is all about.