Are you prepared?

Be Prepared!

If you have ever had anything to do with Scouting for boys you have heard this phrase.  It is the official Scout motto and it is pretty self explanatory.

What should you be prepared for?

In Scouting you need to be prepared so that things proceed as they should and so that you can react when they do not.

In life and in business it is really more  of the same.  But just how does one be prepared?

Being prepared assumes a couple of things.  The include the following:

  • you know where you are going
  • you understand what your capabilities are
  • you also know where your weaknesses are

That may seem a little basic to some, but I suggest that many of us cannot acknowledge that we meet all three of these criteria.  Let’s talk further about what they might mean.

Knowing where you are going means that you have a plan.  Fail to plan, plan to fail.  Plans include specifics and they also have time frames and goals.  Without these types of things you are not prepared.  Some of you may say that you are just hanging out, but I say you are unprepared.

Understanding your capabilities can be viewed in many ways.  I’ll use the SKA perspective today; Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes.  These three things help define what we know, what we can do and how we will behave or react.  There are many ways to understand your skills, knowledge and attitudes, but one that I will talk about more in the coming week is the Strengthsfinder Assessment by Gallup.  Strengthsfinder uses a battery of 34 strengths or capabilities to help define what we do best.  Knowing your strengths is part of being prepared.

Weaknesses are not just part of “anti-strengths”, they are also those traps we fall into when things have a tendency of repeating themselves.  It reminds me of the smoker who is trying to quit.  He or she is used to smoking under certain circumstances, say when they drive in the car.  They get into the car and the habit repeats itself no matter how hard they try to prevent it.  Old habits do die hard and weaknesses are just as hard to kill off, just like getting rid of vampires.  Both suck the life blood right out of you.

Know where you are going, Understand your capabilities and Know your weaknesses.  If you can honestly say you have answers for all three you are a taking a step in the direction of being prepared.

We will talk more about each of these in the coming week.

Be prepared!