Are you read for the Internet of Leadership? (IoL)

I am not typically known for my “crazy ideas”, but I have had some unique thoughts during my life.  One of my favorites came when I ran for office in 1994.  I had  a number of cards printed to hand out during my campaign and I convinced one of my friends, a fast-food franchise owner, to put a coupon on the back of my campaign card that would allow the holder to get a free ice cream cone.  My opponent came unglued and claimed I violated some type of campaign law, but no harm came and I still lost the election.

Our lives are affected every day, hour, minute by the internet.  The original internet connected computers across the world and the benefits, and challenges are right in front of us.  The Internet of Things (IoL) is a widely discussed topic now and this will involve the further connection of all types of devices, further pulling things together and leaving less and less ambiguity in our lives.

An Internet of Leadership (IoL) would be an interesting concept.  Just consider if we could someone get leaders connected to their colleagues, peers and followers on a real-time basis.  One of the major issues most organizations have right now is the delay between performance and feedback for employees.  The typical mechanism for organizations to let their members know their status, both good and bad, happens in very rare and discrete times and the impact of their good and bad work is lost with the passage of time.

Just consider what life would be like if a leader could send a message immediately to a team member to let them know what a good job they are doing, or where they might improve.  I could visualize something like this,

which is darn scary, but there must be a way to distill this massive amount of data to the vital few versus the trivial many.

Give some thought to an internet of leadership.  What would things be like if we could give instantaneous praise, feedback or discipline to anyone, anywhere?

What would the benefits be?

Where would the challenges reside?