Becoming a better leader through non-profit board membership

This topic is quite timely for me today.  I currently serve as the president of the Franklin Rotary at Breakfast in Franklin, TN and we hold our annual fundraiser today, a golf event at the Vanderbilt Legends Club    in Franklin.  We hold one fundraiser per year, so there is much planning and preparation that goes into an event like this one.  We only get one chance  and if things go wrong we feel the effects, as do our benefactors, for the next 365 days.    Rotary does so many things throughout the world,   but one we can all relate to is the work we have done, and are doing, to eradicate polio.

I have gone through the cycle of being a board member, treasurer, and secretary prior to becoming president.  It appeared to be a lengthy journey when I set out 4 years ago, but the time has gone by quickly and I am already 25% of the way through my one year term.

Non-profit board membership provides many opportunities for those who choose to get involved.  I will write more about this specifically this month, but I invite you to read the article at this link written by Alice Korngold in 2006.  It gives many of the key attributes that benefit the individual as well as the non-profit in this exchange.

I need to end this now so that I can get going on the day’s duties.  We could not have asked for a better day and I am extremely thankful that our Lord provided such a day for our work, and those who will benefit from the funds raised.