Blogs I enjoy

I’ll take a break from Baseball today and share a little about where I go for thoughts and ideas when it comes to other blogs.

I have always tried not to copy what others do, but it is also a source of creative inspiration when I see some of the creative ways others use the blogosphere to communicate.

Here is my list and reasons why I like each of them.  They are in no particular order.

Michael Hyatt-Intentional Leadership:  I have always found Michael to be a thought leader and I connect well personally with his spiritual and leadership mix.

Skip Prichard-Leadership Insights:  I had the privilege to work with Skip’s firm when he was the CEO at Ingram and he is still easy to access and a good supporter.

HBR Blog Network-Somewhat of a blend in that this encompasses many blogs, not just one.  Again, thought leaders in the leadership area.

Center for Creative Leadership-Leading Effectively:  Again, my bent toward leadership from a firm that has formed my views on leadership for many years.

Gallup-Coaching:  I am using Gallup and Strengthsfinder more and more in my work.  They are research based, which is meaningful to me, as a recovering engineer.

Keith FerrazziI have been a follower of the Ferrazzi way for years and had the pleasure to talk with Keith when he was in Nashville in 2012.  A good Sigma Chi brother!

Guy Kawasaki-How to Change the World:  I suspect many will list this blog.  Well done and widely read.

Mashable-The “go to” source for anything new in the social world.

I’ll stop here for now, but before I do, I’ll add my own blog, “Search for Authentic Leadership”.  If I don’t like what I write, why bother.