Can you be “so right” that you are wrong?

This has been a really interesting week.  If you read this blog often you will know I turned 53 on Monday June 4 and I am now four days older, so I must be much wiser, you think?

Many other interesting things have occurred this week and I’ll do my best to share what I am learning from these specific situations without embarrassing anyone who might be  a culprit.

If you read this and you think I am talking about you there are three ways to react:

  1. You can become angry and never speak to me again
  2. You can ignore me and realize I could not have been talking about you
  3. You can look in the mirror and consider how you might have handled this differently.

Let’s move on.

Another post this week referred to the Trojan Horse philosophy and how you can really destroy trust with others when you try to pull a fast one one someone.  I encourage you to always be straightforward and honest in your communication.  Life is too short and your reputation and integrity are the only entities that are long lasting.

The other interesting event, or series of events, that has occurred is my ongoing saga of trying to help a firm I  know receive my emails.  Let me tell you the whole story:

A few weeks ago I noticed that Company A was returning all of my emails with an undeliverable message.  This was occurring not only in one office, but in many.

I picked up the phone to call a good friend at Company A and this person alerted their appropriate staff members.

This group of IT professionals suggested one issue and I passed this along to my IT professional.

My IT professional has given Company A a very logical explanation of what the problem is, but Company A is larger than my IT professional and refuses to believe that they could be in error.

Company A believes (mistakenly I might suggest) that only my emails are not being received.  What they have not considered is that others may have the same problem, but have not been proactive enough to pick up the phone and tell them.  Yes, some companies do use telephones and a few us Fax machines also.  Personally, I believe fax machines make great boat anchors.

The issue is this.  Sometimes in life we can be so right that we are wrong.  I have had this happen to me personally many times and I try to not jump into my self-righteous mode until I go back and make sure I am correct.  When I do this I find that sometimes my assumptions are incorrect and I should stop trying to be so right.

Hearing and listening to others is a critical skill.  Many people and many companies can become so self absorbed that they could not consider the possibility of their being in error.  This is a fatal issue.

Stop  being so right that you are wrong.

Take a look and reflect.  You’ll be happy and so will those around you.