Can you ever say “Thank you” enough?

It has been a busy month, quarter, and year.  For that I say Thank You!

I was taking a pause this morning and wondered if someone could ever say thank you enough or even too much?  An interesting thought as we enter into one of my favorite seasons of the year, but let’s think about this just a moment.

I like to speak to groups; just about any group, and when I do the topics can be wide ranging, but typically deal with some issue around leadership.  I was speaking on Monday night to the Career Transition Group and I referred back to a comment that was made by President Obama earlier this year when he spoke about small business.  He made a comment that ended up being taken out of context about how small business is created.  While the phrase “You didn’t build that” became popular in some circles, there is a morsel, if not a nugget of truth in that phrase.  As I spoke to the career seekers I told them that none of them would find that ultimate job alone.  Others would certainly step forward to help them and ultimately the Lord would be there every step of the way.   I believe that most of them really believe this, but I know I do not pause often enough to reflect and then take time to give thanks, both through prayer and in person or through other means.

I had the good fortune to work for the YMCA from 1994 until early 2001 and during that time our CEO, Clark Baker, coined a phrase he borrowed from one of our board members, Bill Wilson.  Clark would say that you need to thank someone 7 times in order to really thank them.  There are certainly good and poor ways you might do that, but I think the point is this; giving thanks is important and recognizing those who help along the way is even more crucial.  Most people who help along the way are not doing so to be recognized, but that thank you is a validation, an encouragement, that may help them to do it again and again.  Lord knows we need more people helping others versus tearing them down or pointing fingers at one another (take Washington DC for example).

My encouragement to you today is to thank someone who has helped you.  When you do so, do it in a sincere manner and make sure you look them squarely in the eyes when you do so.

It is a powerful thing to thank someone-it is also humbling to be thanked.

Go make someone feel good today!