Charles Barkley was right: Maybe professional athletes are not role models-Take Chris Johnson…

A number of years ago Charles Barkley,  former Auburn and NBA star made the comment that he was not your role model and never intended to be.

The complete comment was as follows:

I’m not a role model… Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids. 

While I may have disagreed with Mr. Barkley at that time I am beginning to agree more and more as the world of sports and the professional athletes within that world get more disconnected with reality, especially from a financial view.  Take for example the recent post of holdout running back Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans.  Johnson shared the following message today through Twitter:

I am not sure if you know what STFU stands for, but if you don’t it is a coarse, very low-grade way of saying shut up.

What has happened to the “role model” that many athletes used to be?  I will not explore this in great detail today, but let me say that this example from Mr. Johnson is certainly not one I would encourage other leaders to emulate.

When you assume a position of responsibility you become a target and a role model.  The two roles come together and they are inseparable.

CJ, you need to get some good advice about how to be a leader.  Making a lot of money is not a sure fire method to becoming an authentic leader.  Remember that.