Do you have the Discipline to get things done? Most of you do not.

When I hear the word Discipline I get some strange and painful memories in my mind.  I remember back to my elementary school days where I attended a fine Catholic elementary school.  While most of the times there were carefree and fun, there were those days when discipline kicked in and we all had to do things we did not want to do, but needed to do.  I remember well Sister Clare and Sister Carol as well as many other fine women who helped form me into the person I am today.  I’ll stop the reminiscing for now.

Discipline is not the sexy buzzword that we hear when it comes to leadership and management in most circles.  We hear words like synergy, change, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and many others, but discipline gets kicked over into the corner and we seldom hear about the virtues it brings.

We live in a world that is starving for discipline.  Consider the following factors and tell me this is not so:

These factors also have rooted themselves into the workplace in a multitude of ways.  It used to be that we could tell someone what to do and know that it would get done.  That may or may not be the case today.  More and more of what transpires in society ends up in court and litigation because someone “feels wronged” or doesn’t like the  outcome of their earlier choice, typically made with only short-term gain in mind.

My posts for the coming week or two will drill down more deeply into the fundamentals of discipline and also talk about what we can do to instill some or its fundamental principles into our workplace where they belong.

What is the most disciplined choice you have made in the last year?

What part of your life would be different today if you had exercised greater discipline?

Hard questions usually have painful answers.  Would you be willing to share yours?