Does your Career need a tune up or an overhaul?

For those of us with cars, we well understand the difference between a tune up and an overhaul.  The tune up is a periodic event, one that involves a few part replacements and some minor adjustments.  An overhaul is a completely different matter and one that can cause great amounts of stress and consternation.

Careers are much the same.  We all need to have tune up’s on our career and they might come on a rather frequent basis.  The dreaded overhaul is a completely different matter.  Let’s spend a little time today talking about some of the most common tune up issues and the dive a little deeper in to issues that require an overhaul and how you might deal with them.

Here are some of the most frequent tune up issues when it comes to your career:

  • resume revision
  • cover letter update
  • LinkedIn profile update
  • establish other social media presence (Twitter, etc.)
  • building your network
    • expanding
    • deepening
  • interview preparation
  • wardrobe updates

We all do the things listed in the column above and not doing them can cause your presence and your presentation to become dated and stale.

Here are a few of the issues that might require a complete overhaul:

  • termination from a job
  • closing of your firm
  • making the leap from multiple contract roles to regular job types
  • transition from the military to the civilian world
  • long term unemployment or long gaps in employment (maternity, medical/health issues)

If you have not had to deal with items on the overhaul list, consider yourself fortunate.  Any one of these issues can cause grief when in the job market.  The most frustrating issue is that most of them are not the fault of the job seeker.

The amount of time and effort it takes to make the overhaul can be extensive.  When I return next time we will talk a little more about tuning up your career and we will then follow up with some ways you can also overhaul your career.

Remember this, regardless of whether you need a tune up or overhaul, you may get your hands dirty.

Career adjustment is not for the faint of heart.