Finding your first Job

I will be conducting a Webinar on September 22 for NSPE and I have prepared a few questions for job seekers to ponder.

Take a look at the questions below and answer True or False with regard to how they fit the job search process.



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1.  Applying to jobs on Monster and Careerbuilder is a good way to find that first job.

2. Social Networks are only a fad and play a small role in the job search process.

3. A LinkedIn profile should include volunteer work as well as “real life” experience.

4. Facebook is not a great source of job search information.

5. Twitter is growing in its significance for finding a job.

6. Networking is one of the most important facets for finding your first role.

7. Having a coop or intern experience is very valuable in finding a job.

8. Indeed and Simply Hired are great sources of job information.

9. Google’s search capability can be a great help in your job search.

10. Don’t reach too high when trying to network-it will only put people off.

11. You should start thinking about your first “real job” when you are a freshman or sophomore in college.