Five Questions regarding the book I am writing (or trying to write)

Those of you who know me are aware that I have been talking about writing a book for quite a while now.  This is not a new goal and it is one that I have talked about, analyzed, discussed, gathered information about, but still not written.  I think I have just about gotten over the hump, and I think this weekend is the one where I will get the work done.  Let me discuss why I have this urge/need/passion to write a book.

1.  Just why do I want to write a book?  There are a number of reasons why I want to write a book.  The first is that I think I have something to share that might be of value to others.  I have done many things and as a result I have felt that my perspectives might be of value to others as they go on their own journey.  Most of us go through life trying to see what others have done that worked, or did not work, and my intent is to write a book (or books) that will help others with their journey.

2.  What will I write about?  This has been the biggest challenge; one of the key reasons I have not finished the first one yet.  I have a variety of interests and as a result I have a variety of items I wish to write about.  Much of what I do has to do with helping others find what they really do best in their lives and careers.  These areas range from personal development to career transition and job search assistance.  I spend so much time doing these things that I hope what I have to share will help others to deal with and overcome issues as they arise.

3.  Who would want to read my book?  I would start with #2, but hope a few friends and family members might buy a copy.  One of the basic premises is that I am not doing this to make money.  I don’t have that fantasy.  On the contrary, there is a certain cache with having written a book and it is on my “bucket list” of things I have always wanted to do, sort of like watching Vandy win the College World Series in Omaha.  The book can take place now.  The latter should happen next year.

4.  What else might I write about?  No doubt the first book will be about career issues.  Even the second book may be about career issues.  There is just so much to do and say on this topic that one book will just not hold it all.  As I have said all along, the core purpose is to serve and help others and this may lead to a third book about how serving others with our gifts and talents can be so fulfilling.

5.  When will this book be available?  If I can get off square one I hope to have the first book available by Christmas of 2013.  Once I get this first book done I hope to write at least one book every other year for as long as I can remain coherent.  I trust most of you find me to be coherent now.

Five simple questions about something that is a foundational passion for me in my life.

More to come.  Hope you had a great weekend!