Five Questions to ask at the End of each Day

I took a pause from the Five Questions series I started a month or so ago and I have chosen to head back in that direction.  Today’s post will be a listing of five questions I encourage you to ask yourself at the end of each day.

Before you ask the five questions at the end of the day, it makes complete sense to review the five questions you ought to be asking first at the start of the day.  Those questions are as follows:

  1. What is the single most important thing I need to do today?
  2. What can I learn from my Bible reading this morning?
  3. Are there any special occasions to be remembered today?
  4. Who do I need to write a note to today?
  5. Which “uniform” do I need to wear today?

If you start with that list you will almost certainly have a good start.

Here are five other questions that I feel would add value as you reflect at the end of a day:

1.  What is the most important thing that happened today?  In some cases this will be just one thing, in others it may be several.  The key point is to think back and reflect on what happened and what needs to happen on your part as a result.  Too often we live life and don’t think about the greater implications.  Don’t let life pass you by.  Reflect, then act.

2.  Who did I meet today that I would like to get to know better?  For me, every day is a non-stop procession of meeting and talking with people.  Everyone is important, but I know I need to prioritize, so I think about who I need to reach out to that I met that day.  It might be a call, a note, or a meeting.

3.  What did I do today that is not complete or that needs refining?  In many cases I work on projects that take series of weeks, if not months, to complete.  It always pays to reflect on the status of these projects and make sure I am caught up or ahead of schedule.  In the same vein, I need to make sure my teammates are also getting what they need from me.

4.  What did I learn today that can make a difference tomorrow?  So often there are learning opportunities or events that occur that can affect what the following day, week or month looks like.  Take the time to reflect so that you do not lose sight of those little nuggets you have learned today.  Journal, Blog or just keep a notebook.  Everyone has a different method to reflect.

5.  Give thanks to God for the day.  I tend to start the day with prayer, a bible reading and reflection.  I also try to end the day in a short period of prayer where I give thanks for all that we have here in America and in Williamson County.  We are so abundantly blessed that we take things for granted too often.  Food, shelter, safety, all of these things are easily had here and so often missing in many parts of the world.  I try not to lose sight of this.

If you start the day with the questions listed first and then end the day with these, questions I suspect you will adopt some habits that will help as your life and career grow.  Reflection is a key part of any successful person’s day and you too need to take this time to reflect.

You’ll be glad you did.