Five Ways to Avoid Success in the Search Process

Today’s post is somewhat tongue in cheek, or is it….

Clients can sometimes not understand how to keep their process on track and I thought it would be helpful to list a few things that both clients and search firms do to keep the search process from being successful.

Here are just a few:

1.  Don’t share all of the information necessary at the beginning of the process.  Surely the firm will not need to know all of the details.  We are so busy that it would be impossible to tell them the real nitty gritty.

2.  Don’t set aside time in advance to interview candidates.  We have the greatest place in the world to work and the candidate will wait until we can get to them.

3.  Give the search firm very little information about why you do not like candidates you pass on.  They will not be working for our firm, so hey, what’s the big deal.  The search firm can figure this out.

4.  When things start to slow down on the search be sure to criticize the search firm and place all of the blame there.  It is important for the search firm to manage the process and letting things get off track can certainly be an issue for the search firm.

5.  If using one search firm on a search is good, then using 3 or 4 must be much better.  As a retained search consultant it always amazes me when clients believe they will get improved performance with multiple contingency firms competing for the same candidates.  Clients believe they will get improved activity and results, but what they really get is confusion.

This is my short list for this morning.  My next list will be things search firms do to keep from achieving success in the search process.  Yes, we do make mistakes Smile