Getting away can be a great way to get engaged

I had the good fortune to get away from the daily grind last week.  While I did get away, the wonders of technology kept me in touch as much as necessary so that I did not lose out on any critical issues.  Getting away from the norm can be a great way to recharge, review and renew yourself in order to be even more effective.  Let me share a few reasons today that I think you too ought to consider in getting away for even a brief time.

  • We all get stuck in ruts that need to be removed from our lives.  Getting away from the norm for at least 2-3 days will enable you to look at how you are approaching your daily routine and also enable you to take a step back and see what you might be doing that is not adding value to your daily duties.
  • Having a normal pattern of events is great for most of your time, but there need to be intervals where you recharge and renew your energy and thoughts.  I remember well the book “Power of Full Engagement” written several years ago.  This book talks about the power of having a ritual that you employ in getting work done, but even more important is the value of the downtime in between your ritual routines.  Never underestimate the value of stepping back and taking a broader look at how you do what you do and also what you may have added that slows you down.
  • Our normal routines also allow us to add “barnacles” to our work life. Barnacles are typically thought of in the nautical world.  They attach themselves to the hull of sailing ships and slow the speed of the vessel.
  • Barnacles in my life would include the following:
  1. overuse of some social media avenues
  2. reading websites for enjoyment when I should be focused on work issues
  3. avoiding opportunities for engaging with clients when I choose to stay in my comfort zone with minimal interruptions
  • Time away also allows time for reflection.  I live in a world that moves pretty quickly and there are times when I need to do more planning and review versus my primary focus on doing and implementing.  Entrepreneurs are typically strong “doers” and they need to take a pause and reflect and renew on occasion to ensure they are expending their resources wisely.

Take the time to step away and renew, recharge and review.  I believe you will find  that your results after the fact are more rewarding and more effective than what you had prior to the pause.