Getting your Job #Search ready for the Holidays

It is hard to believe that we are in the last week of October in 2013.  I can remember Christmas 2012 and it seems like this year has just flow by.  We will spend some time today talking about how you can prepare your job search for the Holiday Season.  I am not talking about any type of decoration, but I am going to cover some specific things you can do, should do, and might do to make your search even more successful.

I have written several posts on job search this year.  My most recent post was a review from a post I wrote last year about the changing of seasons and your job search.  A few weeks ago I wrote about the Seasons of your Career.  I also spoke about WIFM vs. WIFY.  Another post talked about some common Career Potholes.  I encourage you to read all of these, but spend some time with this post today to get ready for the next 8 weeks.

Today is October 28, 2013 and in 8 weeks we will be celebrating Christmas.  In 9 weeks we will be celebrating 2014.  Time if flying by and here are things you need to be planning for and doing now.

  1. Update your resumes and your LinkedIn profile immediately.  This is a continual job, but one that really needs to be done now.  Even though you will hear that companies slow down during November and December, a number of them will be trying feverishly to fill roles during this period.  You are in a great position if your information is correct, updated and relevant.
  2. Make sure you are also represented in Twitter and/or have a blog.  I know that many of you don’t spend time on Twitter, but having a presence here will only help you if you participate in the conversation.  Add a few dozen people and then engage others in conversation.  You will get the hang of it.  Having a blog will help you share your expertise.  Don’t be shy…
  3. Be sure your target list of firms is updated and that you are staying in touch with your most valued potential targets.  Post and pray is one way to get a job, but the odds of success are very limited.  Be sure you are using your network to stay abreast of what is happening in firms you want to learn more about.  Find contacts and gain introductions through social means or simply through in-person or email introductions.
  4. Attend end of the year and  holiday season events.  Many organizations will have holiday or end of year events and you need to be present at as many of these as you can.  Even better, be a volunteer and show how you can make a difference for your profession.  Volunteer engagement makes a positive impact with many potential employers.
  5. Send hand-written thank you notes to those who spend time or help you in any way.  This method stands out in today’s high-tech, impersonal world and you will never know how much the hand-written note is appreciated.
  6. Pray hard.  This is not just for the last quarter of the year.  I would encourage prayer during any time of the year.  Career transition is stressful and you need as much help as you can garner.  God is there to help you and He will guide you if you will take the time to ask.  Don’t be afraid.

The last 8 weeks can be a time of frustration and depression or excitement and jubilation.

You have to decide which this will be for you.

I encourage you to choose excitement.  Get out there and make a difference.