Getting your life back in balance

In an earlier post this week we talked about how you can view your life using a frame methodology.  In this framework we looked at the personal, professional and spiritual frames of our lives and we also talked very briefly about what this model would look like when we get out of balance.  In today’s post we will further explore what out of balance looks like and we will then discuss methods of bringing things back into balance.

As we discussed earlier, this diagram below gives a very simple view of what our life would look like with all three frames in balance:

In this situation we should be in a state of equilibrium or balance and the amount of stress we encounter should be minimal as we are equally balancing the three main aspects of our life.  This is not the norm for most of us because we are continually pulled in one direction or another.

This diagram is one that shows what many of us have occur in our lives:

In this picture our professional component is called upon too much or over emphasized and as a result we get out of balance.  The spiritual and personal are emphasized less and suffer as a result.  Here are some of the reasons this can occur:

  • demands of work become too great
  • we immerse ourselves in work to escape the other segments of our life
  • we chase the next job or promotion and pay little or no attention to the other segments

All of the items listed above are common maladies for the men and women I know and work with on a regular basis.  They know they are focusing heavily on work, but they don’t always feel the impact until they get to a point of pain or discomfort.

Here are a few quick remedies to the situation we have just described:

  • Establish boundaries for your work life
    • time
    • location
    • encroachment
  • Say no to work on occasion
  • Take adequate vacations

While the items listed above may seem fundamental, they are indeed so fundamental to be critical to success.  The item I personally have the most problem with is encroachment.  I find that my work life is constantly encroached upon by my work through the usage of my iPhone and other electronic devices.  Instead of managing them I let them manage me.

Balance and equilibrium can be achieved in the dance of personal, professional and spiritual life.  We will talk more next time about how to grow and develop your spiritual life.

Have a balanced day.