Have you made anyone angry recently? It may be a good thing if you do.

While this may seem like a strange title to a blog post, the intent of this post is to give each of us pause to think about the messages we deliver and how we deliver them.  Let me describe a case that I recently came across.

I am the president of the   Franklin Breakfast Rotary Club in Franklin, TN and we have programs each week that inform us about a wide variety of issues and topics in our world.  Our speaker this morning was talking about the current economic situation in our country and I asked him if he had made anyone mad with his presentation.  I further added that if he had not, then his message may not be specific or targeted enough.  My intent in asking this question was not to promote conflict, but to ensure that when he delivered his message he was targeted and not more interested in keeping the peace versus delivering the intended message.

When you communicate with others do you have your message well crafted and honed?  If you do then there will be others who hear your message who may accept, but not agree.  When your message is heard and there are some who disagree, you have probably hit your target.  Messages that appeal to all really appeal to none.

A good message is one that is well thought out and it also has particular points it is trying to convey.  Taking a stand involves putting yourself into an area where you make a choice and doing so may differ from the thoughts of others, sometimes many others.

One of the lost arts in our world, especially in the federal government, is the ability to craft a message that is on point and not something that is so general that it tries to appease everyone.  Our media only perpetuates the crafting of such messages and this has caused many of those who have good perspective and knowledge to shy away from taking strong, solid stands and instead vary their positions, much like how a flag flies whichever way the wind blows. 

Delivering a message that is on point can really send a strong signal that the speaker is focused and committed to his or her position and it also shows that they have probably done research to justify the stand they have chosen to take.  Getting along with everyone and having positions that appease all does not take any significant effort or research and it only identifies the speaker as someone who is shallow and not well grounded.

The next time you choose to deliver a message, make sure you drive your points home.  Don’t take that middle of the road stance,     but instead take a stand and decide which battles are worth fighting.

The intent of delivering a message is not to alienate those who disagree, but it is to justify the reasoning you have communicated in formulating your stand.

I once heard the phrase “If you don’t stand up for something, you’ll fall for everything.”  Delivering a message to others is much the same.  If you are not committed in your message, the verbiage will fall upon deaf ears and no difference will be made.

Strive to make your message one that drives home a point.  You can never satisfy everyone when you make your point, but what you will do is help others understand the reasons for your stands.