Have you noticed these 3 trends for 2017?

A Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once said that “The only constant is Change”.  I have heard and seen this many times and I used to find it to be somewhat of a cliché, but my thinking is changing and yours should too.  2017 is bringing many changes, some you know and some you may not, but one thing is sure and that is that you need to be paying attention to these three key areas as we gain traction in the new year.  Let me speak briefly about these three trends now:

  • Performance management is going to become a continuous process and not a discrete event.  Having been in the workforce for over 35 years I have less than fond memories of most of the performance appraisals I have given and received.  So often I have seen effects like the “recency” effect keep people from getting the real, candid and timely feedback in order to improve.  Technology is making real-time feedback more realistic and you need to be keeping an eye on technology like systems used by GE and also by EY.
  • “Big Data” and “HR Analytics” are real and growing.  The usage of data in the HR function is escalating quickly and no more will HR professionals be able to skirt by and talk about how performance and other people related matters are difficult to measure.  There will be false starts and dead ends, but be sure to know that what gets measured, matters, and we will be measuring more things relating to people and development.
  • Working “in the office” will continue to become less and less common and more employees, and contractors, will work remotely and come to a fixed office only on unique occasions and not as the norm.  This trend is fostered by continued enhancements in technology and the ability to manage teams that are not physically co-located more effectively.  I don’t see this having a marked effect on office space growth, but I do see more and more firms designing and implementing office space that is less fixed and more flexible and changeable.

I could write more, but most of us remember things in chunks of 3 to 5, so I’ll make things easy on you today.

Real time feedback, data and analytics and dispersed workforces are three mega trends that you need to understand and continue to believe.  They are not going away any time soon.