Hitting the Road in October

Growth is hard without change; maybe even impossible.  I think of my two sons and their growth and there were multiple changes to them both physically and emotionally as they grew.  Here are just a few:

  • Obvious changes include things like shoe size, pants, shirts and related
  • Emotional changes included gaining the capacity to operate independently with less or no input or support from us (this may have occurred even more quickly than I imagined :))

Business growth also involves change and the month of October will be on of change as I get ready to hit the road to explore a number of opportunities in the industries where we do work.  Travel can appear to be fun, and there are a number of pleasant experiences I remember from trips I have taken over the past 30 years.  Travel is also tiring and even grueling as I try to keep the daily routines afloat while also exploring for new opportunities in the marketplace.

In early October I will be venturing to  NACS  (National Association of Convenience Stores) convention in Las Vegas.  This will be my first trip to NACS.  I have had many conversations with others who go often and I always hear how big and overwhelming the show can be.  As a result I am working in advance to find ways to avoid the masses and focus on the key markets and people I seek to get to know better.  Planning takes time and it is part of the change process in this case.

In the middle of the month I will venture to Nashville to attend the SAC-Southern Automotive Conference.  I have attended SAC two times before and have a general understanding of what to expect from this audience.  One of the major differences in this year's show is that the industry is in a great spot in comparison to earlier times I have attended.  Most of the automotive industry is operating at capacity, or even beyond.  As a result, the need for leadership is strong, and that is where we can  help.

Hitting the road will be tiring, but I also look forward to the benefits I derive from getting to know new people and also learning what is happening in both of these industries.

How do you deal with the benefits and challenges of travel?

How do you use the travel time to best effect positive change on yourself and your business?

Come back later this month as I recap what I have learned from my upcoming travels.