How I Vote with my Time and Talents

I have had the opportunity to be involved with a number of causes in my career of over 38 years.  Some of them are known world wide such as the YMCA and Scouting.  Many are more regional or national and they all have a special place in my life.  One of my recent and most important causes is the ACE Mentor program and the impact ACE has had on my life and my family is a story I like to tell.

From 2001 through 2006 I was the Director of HR for a consulting engineering firm here in the Nashville area.  While with this firm I first became aware of ACE Mentor and had the opportunity to help out on a few occasions.  During this time I became aware that my younger son had an interest in the built environment and I suggested that he look into the ACE program at his high school.  He participated in ACE during his junior and senior years and this led to his attending Auburn University where he majored in Building Science.  The impact ACE had on his career choice has been long lasting and it has inspired me to become a volunteer to help other young men and women learn about the design and construction world as a career option.

I always enjouned the world of science and technology.  Having a degree in engineering physics gave me a level of competence in the sciences and it also helps me understand the rigor the sciences require as well as understanding the related skills one needs in order to be successful.

I have been a board member for the local ACE affiliate for many years and have had the opportunity to be the chair of the board for the last three years.  During this time I have used the skills I have learned from other causes, namely fund raising and board development, to help provide a firm foundation for our group.

Each one of us has many opportunities to gain and develop skills through volunteerism in our lives.  My work in the non profit arena started with the YMCA over 25 years ago and the skills I first developed then are still being used today.

I encourage you to learn how you to can vote with your time and talent to make your community or your profession better for those who will come after you.  I have had many mentors and role models in my life and I hope that in some small way my efforts will make a difference for those who come after me.

None of us will leave this world alive.  Your objective should be to make it better for those will come after us.  I hope I have done an adequate job in this pursuit.