Is you Walk Intentional?

Once again, I give credit to my pastor, David Cassidy, for putting together another awesome sermon, one that I gained great insight from and one that I also paid attention to.  Kudos to you, David!

I wrote earlier about another concept I garnered from one of David’s sermons and today’s post is no different.  Let me set the stage with what he said and see how it relates to the world of management and leadership.

David incorporated the term Intentional Walk into his sermon and used the comparison of the baseball meaning with how we might walk intentionally to make a difference in this world.  An intentional walk in baseball might look something like this:

The intentional walk in baseball is a defensive move that is intended to keep a specific batter from hitting the ball and advancing runners.  Sometimes the intentional walk backfires

When executed effectively, the intentional walk can be effective in baseball.

What would an intentional walk look like in business?

Here are a few thoughts:

  • A “Walk” would be a way of doing business, a philosophy, strategy or even a set of tactics relating to getting things done in the workplace
  • “Intentional” would mean with specific purpose or direction
  • “Intentional Walk” would be setting up a directed set of strategies or tactics to accomplish a given purpose or strategy

Seems to me that each of us should be living our lives with an intentional walk way of thinking.

In my life, my walk is intentional in the manner that I serve to help others develop their talents where they are or I attempt to find a place or situation where they can use their talents to do the same.  I see myself as someone who can help others set up their own intentional walk.

How do you use intention in your walk?

Is your walk intentional in your personal and professional life?

How so?

If not, how can you make it more intentional?

Come back again this week and will talk about tactics you might consider to make your walk more intentional.

We will also look at others who have taken an intentional walk in their lives.