It is 5:20 on Friday afternoon and I am either going to Scream or Vomit

Got your attention, didn’t I?  I wanted to get your attention and you will either laugh or cry with me over the content of this post.

We all have our pet peeves when it comes to the job seeking public and I thought this would be a good time to vent, just prior to happy hour (I wish).

Hang with me as I share a few of my biggest pet peeves at this late hour of the day.  I would like to hear your pet peeves too.

  1. If you send someone your resume, don’t name the file “” (unless your name is resume)

I know this sounds trivial, but think about it.  I receive dozens, maybe even hundreds of resumes, in a week and how can I keep you straight from someone else when you don’t identify yourself?  If you were writing a paper for a grade, would you put your name on it-I be you would.

Your resume is the single more submission in the job seeking process; be proud and put your name on it.

2.  Speel (sic) check your resume.

I do have a strange sense of humor, but I would be richer than T. Boone Pickens or Ross Perot if I had a dollar for every resume I have reviewed with a misspelled word.  My favorite is the word “manger” being used in place of “manager”.          It happens ALL OF THE TIME.  A manger is where Jesus was born; a manager is someone who runs the place.  Don’t depend on spell check because it likes both words.

3.  Generic cover letters will not get you a job

Once upon a time in a land far, far away we had to use typewriters (some did not use electricity, really) to prepare cover letters and resumes.  Those times are gone.      There is no reason, absolutely none, that would keep you from customizing your cover letter.  If you want my attention, or the attention of someone who would hire you, personalize your cover letter, or learn to flip hamburgers.

4.  Have a LinkedIn profile

Those of you who are not on LinkedIn are probably the same people who either think all social networks are the same (they are not) or who think they are a fad (they are not).  If you want to find a job (again, not serving fast food) get a LinkedIn profile and complete it.

5.  Last thought-make your you offer to help someone else before you ask for help for yourself

This is not always possible, but the point is clear.  I am a huge advocate of paying it forward       and the best way to run out of friends is to always  ask for help and never offer any in return.  Fill someone else’s bucket and they will certainly help fill yours.

Had enough?  Let me  clean off my shoes and head to happy hour.

Have a great weekend.