Keeping my focus

I am an easily distractible person.  There are dozens of examples I could provide.  Trust me, I know myself well in this area.

There are advantages to having such a wide variety of interests.  Those interests keep me tied into a wide range of subjects and areas.  On the flip side, this wide range of interests makes me more like a shotgun than a rifle in may cases.  A better example is that I sometimes feel like Gumby, being stretched and pulled in multiple directions.

I know this; I work on it and I am getting better at it.

I suspect several of you reading this have the same issue.  If so, welcome to the club.

The purpose of this post is to provide a few suggestions that I have employed that have helped me take some baby steps to improve my focus.  Notice I said baby steps.  In no way am I cured; I may never be.

Here are the things I am doing:

1. I have learned to say NO:  There was a time in my life, and those times still sometimes creep back, that I could not say no.  Trust me, if there was a cause to be deal with I was the first person someone would ask or even worse, I would be the first to volunteer.  I was shooting myself in both fee.  I now know how to say NO.  Part of this comes from painful experiences I have had, some really stressful times, where I was so tired that I looked at myself and wondered where I need to be next.  I have the ability to do many things fairly well.  This is a blessing and a curse, because it keeps me from delegating things I need to hand off.

2.  I do some personal and professional planning for myself and my company:  I am not rigid in this area, but this planning work has paid off and is a subset of the items I talked about in point 1.  As a wise man once said; “Fail to plan, Plan to fail”.  I totally agree with this.

3.  Lumosity:  Lumosity is a service that they call “brain training”.  Some of the drills they have on this service help me with my focus and Lumosity helps me track my progress in focus and several other areas.  I realize that my focus needs improving and I am willing to do almost anything to become more focused.

4.  Prayer:  Prayer is always a good answer for me because I realize that I don’t have all of the answers.  I take my needs to the One who can help me and He helps me focus when I need to .  If you don’t pray, try it.  One piece of advice, don’t use any electronic gadgets when you pray.  In fact, find the most remote, quiet place you can so that you can be totally alone and uninterrupted when you pray.

These four items help me with my focus.

I suspect some of you will try one, two or even more of these.

I recommend them all.  They work.

Trust me-Trust Him!