Leadership and a study of Contrasts

I try to listen to the sermons when I go to church and while I was there a few weeks ago the pastor talked about some contrasts that occur in life.  This got me to thinking and I thought it might be interesting to write a series of blog posts about Leadership and some of the biggest contrasts I see in Leadership.

This series should go on a few weeks with 2 posts per week.  Here are some of the contrasts I will write about:

  • Aspiring vs. Becoming
  • Talking vs. Doing
  • Freedom vs. Duty
  • Chaos vs. Order
  • Perfection vs. Flaws
  • Ideas vs. Experience
  • Listening vs. Talking
  • Hearing vs. Listening
  • Despair vs. Hope
  • Love vs. Hate
  • Joy vs. Despair
  • Managing vs. Leading
  • Telling vs. Coaching
  • Mentoring vs. Controlling
  • Reflection, Refraction and Transparency
  • Absorption vs. Reflection

That ought to be enough to give you a flavor of where I am going.  Let’s talk a little about the first contrast before we adjourn today.

Aspiring is something we all do, but I suspect most of our aspiring occurs when we are younger versus our later years in life.  I know there are exceptions to this, but realistically, most aspiration is quashed later in life by reality and challenges we face, at least for some of us.

Becoming can be the progression from Aspiring, but there is a marked difference between those who aspire and those who become.  What are some of the differences?

  • Aspiring requires ideas and discussion, but it does not necessarily require action
  • Becoming typically starts with Aspiring, but the journey from an aspiration to becoming can be a long, arduous task.  More about that in a later post.
  • Aspiring is typically a positive, uplifting and exciting event or series of events
  • Becoming can become very challenging, grueling and time-consuming.  Some of the most important “becoming” I have had involved the school of “hard knocks” and a few dead ends before I got to the finish line

I think you see the fundamental difference between Aspiring and Becoming.

As I write on each of these contrasts I’ll also cite one or two examples of those who have done one versus the others.  Aspiring is much easier than becoming.  That will become obvious when we talk more about this later in the week.

What aspirations do you have?

How have then evolved into becoming reality?

What challenges did you overcome?

What aspirations have you not realized?  Why?

We will be back on Thursday or Friday to talk further.  It would be great to hear your thoughts on Aspiring vs. Becoming.

Your reply is always sought.  Let me hear from you.