Leverage your Passion

A week ago I published a post about passion in your pursuits.  In this post I introduced a term I called the “passion pulse”.  I will spend today’s post on some of the ways you might generate a passion pulse.  Just like any other kind of pulse, there must be some energy or effort expended to make this pulse happen.  It is no different for the Passion Pulse.

Here is the basic description of the Passion Pulse from the earlier post:

Many of my most positive memories have been tied to causes or initiatives that have helped better the situation for those I know or work with and this passion has certainly affected my reaction to new situations when I see the same capability present itself in my mind.

Too often I look at things from a quantitative viewpoint.  By doing this it strips away the added drive, the emotion, the passion that surfaces when one is able to make a connection to a prior experience that has been beneficial or pleasant.  No doubt there is a psychological description for what I am experiencing, but I’ll just call it my “passion pulse” for now.

Passion is an essential ingredient for success, but there are other things you can do and that you should know in order to better Leverage your passion to help make success more probable.

This simple graph should help crystallize in your mind two more of the essential items to consider:

Knowing this kind of information is essential in order to leverage your success.

Some of you may ask how you can learn what you like and what you are good at.  Learning what you like is fairly intuitive.  I can feel it when I am doing something I like and it usually results in me losing all track of time when I am involved in that activity.

Knowing what you are good at is a little more challenging.  Assessment is the best way to learn this and there are different assessments for given skills or competencies.  Some of the best include the Strengthsfinder assessment as well as the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey or the Strong Interest Inventory.

Having passion is important.  Applying passion in your sweet spot, the area where you are skilled and interested is a home run.

We will talk more about this later this week.

What do you like to do?

What are you good at?

What drives your passion?

If you find something that fits all three you are headed in the right direction.