Life Balance: Improving the spiritual leg

Last week I posted twice about life balance and the 3 point framework I try to use to balance my life.  The first post talked primarily about the framework while the second post talked more about balancing your life.  Today I will share more about how you can bolster and grow the spiritual component of your life.  While I will talk about this more from my perspective I will be the first to admit that I am a flawed person and am in no shape or fashion an expert on spiritual affairs.  I consider myself to be a sinner saved by God’s grace; more on that to come.

As a refresher I offer the diagram below to represent the three leg or frame reference system I have been speaking about:

This shot shows a life that is completely balanced in the three realms, professional, personal and spiritual.  This is an idealistic shot and not representative of where most of us are at any point of time.

Here is a shot of where many of us are:

Spiritual has many meanings for those who may read this.  Some of you may have no spiritual component at all while others may be very in touch with this segment.  My personal spiritual life is Christian in nature and I find that it fully meets my needs.  While I will not use this post today to try and help you understand why this works so well for me, I will use this post to help you understand many ways you can develop your spiritual part of  your life.

  • Have time alone or with close friends to pray or meditate-this is not a one-time exercise, but should become a regular component in your life.  I start each day with a bible reading, but you may choose something different.  The key thing is to take time to reflect, read and rejoice
  • Learn how to forgive others and yourself-I will not get this right, but I have heard a phrase that goes something like this: “The vengeful man needs to dig two graves” with the point being that being vengeful or bent on retaliation can take a toll and draw tremendous amounts of energy from your own life.  Forgiving is a key skill, but this does not mean to avoid; there is a key difference.
  • Seek help along the way-most of us cannot navigate the spiritual realm on our own and will need help; a mentor, a priest or minister, a rabbi, some type of leader or knowledgeable guide can be a crucial piece of finding success in developing your spiritual strength
  • Walk the talk-many of us can say or read the right things, but doing them is a totally different ballgame.  Take what you read or learn along the way and integrate it into your life.  People will see a bigger change if you if your actions reflect your beliefs.

I hope this short post will help you to gain a little insight into things I find to be helpful in developing spiritual strength.  I use the triangle to exemplify the balance that is needed in life, but this could just as easily be represented by legs on a stool.  A three-legged stool is very useful, but try sitting on a one or two legged stool sometime.

The same will go for your life.