Lighthouse, Lantern or LED?

My mind works in unique and strange ways and it often provides me with ideas that I quickly forget.  This title comes from an idea that raced through my mind yesterday as I processed a number of different issues that I am currently engaged with as well as I considered several others I may be presented with.

Additionally, this idea also has much deeper and long-lasting repercussions relating to how I relate my faith and my belief, (Belief; #1 on my StrengthsFinder list of talents).  Let me get to the point.

All of us have opportunities in life to illuminate our thoughts and ideas on others.  It is not so much what we say, that is very important, but even more important is the effort we put forth to get our message out, to illuminate what we believe and stand for.

I remember well the song “This little light of mine” and how it is so appropriate to this topic.  We all have a light, a story to share, with others in our life.  Will we keep our story covered up under a basket or inside a room so others cannot see it?

The analogy is more like this for me:  We can choose to illuminate our story like an LED, a lantern or a lighthouse.  As a recovering electrical engineer I like this analogy because it allows me to use my science and my writing skills in tandem.   A LED is a wonderful light, but in most circumstances the illumination or light given off by one LED is not much.  A group of LED’s can be useful (stoplight, scoreboard, etc.) but one LED is a weak producer of light.

A lantern is a step up the ladder when it comes to illumination.  Just by definition a lantern is useful for showing what dangers lie ahead and it is also an item you can use to focus on one specific area when it needs light or illumination.

A lighthouse is a whole different story.  Lighthouses are strategically placed to keep ships away from dangerous spots and to also provide guidance to others during their travels.  Being a lighthouse in the life of others is a powerful thing and you need to be sure that when you turn that light on that you are in the right spot.  Likewise, a lighthouse that goes out of commission provides a great liability for those who have come to depend upon it.

LED, Lantern or Lighthouse?  Which one of these best reflects who you are when working with others and also sharing what you believe, either in a spiritual, work or personal circumstance?

There are times we must be the LED.  Legal barriers may cause this and we also may start as an LED to gain confidence in our message.

Lanterns are also useful because they can provide light in one specific area and are more mobile.

Lighthouses are of great value because they stand the test of time and help many of us avoid the shipwrecks that cause death and damage in our lives.

Think today about which of these best describe you?

Where should you be a lighthouse?

How can you be a lantern?

Why are you choosing to only be a LED?

The light you shine will make a huge difference for others.  Share your light today.