Lord, Give me patience and please send it now….

I cannot take credit for this phrase, but I suspect more than one of us has asked God for patience in our lives, and we usually want it sooner than later.  I talked a little about some issues I have dealt with in a post earlier this fall, and this post is a confirmation on the axiom regarding patience.  I’ll explain in a minutes.

It has been a good year, but even in the good years there will be bumps in the road.  All clients are not created equal.  Some are the same every day, week and year.  Others change over time, with some becoming better to work with and others becoming more challenging.  I fully admit that at times the challenges that occur might be self-inflicted on my side.

A recent situation with a client involved a setting where everything looked good at first, but quickly deteriorated.  At one time things almost got a little too personal, but God, in His infinite wisdom, gave me the patience to wade through this to an unusual outcome.  I learned through a call yesterday that a situation that I thought would end an engagement, and a working relationship, might only be a momentary bump in the road.  What I also learned is that organizations see issues that you think they might be missing.  I’ll say no more for now.  Enough has been said and the key point is that sometimes waiting things out is the best practice, the best medicine in a given situation.

Your life, regardless of where you are, may require more patience than you may be able to muster.  Not sure about you, but I live in a community with a lot of “A types” and I can exhibit that behavior on occasion.  What I am learning, and what I continue to learn, is that patience is a virtue, and one that might be practiced more often by all of us.  As we round the corner to Thanksgiving, let’s truly give thanks and take our collective feet off of the gas pedal of life.  Slow down just a notch and let things fall into place a little more rather than forcing them into place.

I’ll be back with a post or two next week.

I pray that you have a great day and a restful weekend.

Take care.

Anchor Down!