Maintaining Focus when times get hectic

Times change and so do the circumstances we all live in.  I heard it put best when I read the phrase “Life Happens” and so it does.  The challenging issue I face, and you probably do too, is to maintain focus when things are changing all around us.  I’ll spend some time today talking about some of the  most common things we deal with and how you can cope and maintain your focus when they do.

There are many events that can deter your focus.  Here are just a few of those that I see and hear of often:

  • job loss
  • financial issues
  • death of illness of a loved one
  • family challenges
  • new children in the household
  • children leaving the nest
  • retirement

I am sure there are many others, but these are the key ones I hear of most often.  Let’s talk a little about what happens when these things occur.

Life is full of experiences and each of these experiences will impact not only what we are currently involved with, but will also affect where we might take our next step.  As one of the major life events listed above occurs you will feel the affects of the event and it will cause you to either stop or slow your current progress.  This is not unusual.  Dealing or coping with these major changes will involve going through a systematic process to ensure you understand where you are, where you are going and how the present crisis will affect that journey.  Here are a few steps I would recommend when one of the crises above occurs:

  • take time to stop and grasp the full implications of the event at hand; I often see people who either try to block or ignore the event at hand and this will only prolong the distraction or cause longer term challenges
  • reflect upon the full gravity of the situation and take time to understand and grieve, if necessary, the impact of the event; this is especially important when a great loss occurs, whether this be a job loss or the loss of a loved one
  • while reflecting take time to extract yourself from the “busyness” of everyday life to experience the full gravity of the situation; ask for help from loved ones or even seek professional help if the loss seems to great to bear
  • after taking the time to grieve the loss, review where your goals are and consider whether any changes need to occur in these goals based on the change you have experienced
  • take time to rest and re-energize yourself for the path ahead;  a great loss may have more of a physical and mental impact than you might first imagine and don’t try to jump back on the treadmill immediately as you re-engage
  • move ahead

A great change or loss in your life can cause you to lose focus, and this focus can only be regained if you take the time to fully comprehend what has happened and how it will impact your direction as you move forward.  Keeping your focus and direction are important, but just as important is being in the moment to not lose or forget the impact of the change you have experienced.