Making an Impact

As a recovering physicist, I know well the consequences of an impact.  Force and momentum are drilled into my mind and most of my education regarding impact focused initially on the effects and consequences of impact when one body comes into contact with another.

The video below will give you an idea of how violent an impact can be:


While my intent today is not to explore the consequences of the physical impact between two objects, there are also similar consequences when we impact others in our lives.  Let me speak to how we can impact other, both in a postive and a negative manner.

The impact we have with others typically comes when we are engaged with them in any number of situations.  Here are a few examples I have had to make an impact on others:

  • offering career advice
  • discussing how they might change their approach in the workplace
  • listening to others as they describe options they have and how they might decide which option is best

These are all on the positive side.  We also have the opportunity to make an impact, a negative one, when we do the following:

  • ignore others when they seek our input or counsel
  • put them down rather than giving constructive feedback
  • encourage them to take on too much or don’t encourage them when they need to be lifted up

Come back next week and I’ll explore both of these ways we can impact others.

How have you had the opportunity to make an impact in the last week?