Mobile Recruiting-The Solution may be in your Hands

I remember well the days when people would buy the Sunday newspaper from major metropolitan areas to scan the jobs are to find their next role.  We have come a long way from that labor intensive and tedious process.

The next step of the process involved using online tools such as Monster and CareerBuilder to view jobs online and then go to post your resume and pray that you might get a call.  We have moved from this process to using tools such as Indeed and LinkedIn to find the most recent and appropriate job opportunities, but even better, to build networks with those we know and those we would like to know to have a “bridge to the future” should we ever need to cross.

phone-in-hand.pngMobile recruiting has put all of the power listed above in the palm of your hand.  All of the technologies listed above now exist and flourish on the IOS or Android world and you can learn just about everything you need by scanning your phone.  Even better, you can apply for most any role you may need using the same device.

I had the pleasure to be part of a segment produced by NPR about mobile recruiting.  There is some keen insight provided by all of those who were part of this piece and I trust you will gain something useful by listening to this segment, embedded below.

Everything you need to find that next role may be in the palm of your hand.

Use the power wisely.