More is not necessarily better…

I had a strange experience this morning as I was reading through my emails.  A message had come through informing me that my speaking engagement in a foreign country next week had pushed back 30 minutes.  One one hand, this was a useful message.  The problem was that I didn’t realize that I was supposed to be in that other country on the given date to present.  I hastily called the sponsoring organization to apologize profusely and to let them know that I would not be present to speak in person next week.  I did offer the option to present remotely, but I suspect they will go in another direction.

How could I have missed such an opportunity?

Let me give a few thoughts about communication today and the positives and pitfalls we deal with daily.  While we have the technology at our fingertips, literally, to talk or share information with anyone else on the face of the earth in real time, this overwhelming ability has also caused many of us to put “blocks” into place to keep from being bombarded by unintended messages from others who use this power in a punitive manner.  Here are just a few issues we all deal with daily:

  • spam email
  • telemarketers
  • junk mail (snail mail)
  • twitter garbage (not everything on Twitter is garbage, but there is a lot of “chaff” in the “wheat”)
  • social media (Facebook, primarily; LinkedIn has positive uses, but it is heading toward the “dark side”)

I almost feel like I have to seclude myself in a storm shelter some days to keep from being deluged by an overwhelming amount of information that is not sought, or needed, but still offered by so many.

What is the remedy?  I don’t have all of the answers, but I do know that I have set up systems to screen messages in just about every medium I use to communicate.  Without these screens, I could never make sense of all that is thrown my direction.

What is your solution?

How do you deal with the overabundance of information sent your way?

I look forward to your responses.