Networking over the Holidays-It may be the best time of the year!

As we wind down the year 2011 there are many of you out there that will start to “pack it in” for the year.  I think it is the best time of the year to connect and reconnect and I want to share a few ideas with you that you just might be able to put into practice between now and New Year’s Day.  Let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

1.  The Christmas Card-Sending cards out at this time of year is a great way to commemorate the real “reason for the season”, but it is also way to touch many people that you may have not had a chance to talk with or see as often as you would like during the year.     If you are not sending out cards, you still have some time to reconsider and to send out cards to those you really want to stay in touch with or connect with at this important time of the year

2.  The Christmas/Holiday party-There are many variations of this type of event and each version is important in providing an opportunity to meet with and talk with others you want to know better.  People are typically in a pretty relaxed frame of mind in December and talking with them at a party can be a great way to get to know them better.  Even family get-togethers can be a great way to reconnect with those who live in different parts of the country.  A final version of this idea is to throw your own party and invite people you know well and you may also include a few others you would like to assimilate into your group.  You just might be surprised in a good way with the result.

3.  Attending a Church service, especially at Christmas-While you may find me to be opportunistic or jaded by suggesting this, there are a number of positive reason to take this suggestion to heart.   There are a number of studies that show those attending a church service are usually more successful and also more happy with their lives, but the fact that church goers know other people within their church cannot be denied.  People attending church not only attend a service, but when they attend a Sunday School class they get to know a smaller group at a much deeper level.  Sunday school classes know one another very well and the depth of the relationship among class members is substantial.

There you have it; three simple ideas that can greatly increase your network and networking capability during this important time of the year.   If you do all three you will benefit in ways that go substantially beyond the norm.  Try it and see.