New Ways to Develop Leaders in Challenging Times – Business Week

New Ways to Develop Leaders in Challenging Times – BusinessWeek.

I found this to be a fascinating article about how some of the most basic methods can lead to good long-term results when it comes to leadership development.

I was referred to this article first from the AESC website and I encourage you to read the entire article.

The premise is this:  Two good companies pair their leaders so that they can learn from one another and almost mentor one another.  The example in the article is about how Intel and CBS have done just this.

How simple is this-pretty simple…

The challenge for most is that you have to be open enough to let your company share expertise with another.  I would not recommend you doing this with your arch competitor in a market, but I would recommend it with companies who are current partners or collaborators or companies who do things in a way that is much more innovative than yours.  Don’t be shy.

How does your company develop leaders?  Is it something you are even thinking about?  Do you have a succession plan?

With the rush of the boomer generation out of the workforce as their 401K plans get back to normal, you will start to see more and more departures from your firm.  Are you prepared?

Let me know what you think.

Dan Ryan