Overcoming Adversity to reach success

Today’s post will be a short one that touches on one of my favorite topics, overcoming adversity.  As I have heard from many sources, Life is what happens when you are planning on something else and that “something else” is typically some type of adversity or challenges that will make you learn and grow.

I have a short video below of one such occurrence that I saw on television last weekend, but thought would be useful for the purposes of this post.  Auburn University has an eagle fly from the upper deck to the playing field prior to every home game.  Last Saturday prior to the game with Mississippi State the eagle, Spirit, a 14 year old bald eagle, flew into the press box glass and then recovered to land squarely on the 50 yard line.  You can see this by clicking on the video.

All of us have had similar moments.  I have never flown, let alone flown into a press box window, but I have made mistakes and had to decide what to do after having to deal with my challenge.

When this type of situation occurs there are few things to consider as you get ready to move ahead.  I will share a few of them with you now:

  • Getting knocked down is not the worst part.  Getting back up and starting over is much harder and requires much more resolve.
  • The most successful people are also those who have failed the most.  Success is built upon a foundation of failure and “near misses”.
  • The road to success is rocky and has many detours.  There may even be some layovers or closed roads on the journey.
  • Sharing your journey with another who is having difficulty on theirs can be a great help for both of you.  When you are in the midst of the journey you tend to think that no one else has ever failed.
  • Winners never Quit!
  • Quitters never Win!

I hope this post has been of value to you this morning and always remember that the journey to the 50 yard line is not always straight and smooth.