Preparing to plan

Today is a big day for our firm in many respects.  We will spend time together as a group talking about where we are, where we have been, and where we want to go.  Doing this is valuable and it also provides time for all of us to reacquaint ourselves with one another, especially for our team members who don't live close by.

Planning is an essential tool, but before you plan you must prepare to plan.  This may sound a little tedious, and in fact it is, but not preparing to plan may cause the planning process to be a failure.  Let me share a few tips about how we prepared to plan.

Any planning process involves organization.  I have been working for weeks with my Operations Manager to set the stage so that today will be a great segue for the future.  Here are some of the things we have done in order to set the stage for today:

  • Review our mission and values
  • Discuss multiple times the methods we will use when we meet
  • Decide upon the best process to conduct the planning activity
  • Gather data to quantify where we have been
  • Review trends in our business, both internally and externally
  • Consider methods to "open the gates" for clear and honest communication
  • Discuss how we can do all this and still have fun

These items listed above are a good start and there are multiple sub-steps under each item listed.

Preparing to plan is an essential task and I encourage you to prepare well before you choose to move forward with a planning process.

We do planning work with firms in markets such as Architecture, Engineering, Construction and many others.

Let us know how we can lend a hand if you are feeling "stuck" in your planning process.