Raising the Tide in your World

I was talking with a friend today and we were discussing networking and aiding one another.  The phrase “A high tide lifts all boats” crossed my mind and it has triggered this post.  What the phrase will never mean for me is anything regarding that “other school” in the state of Alabama.  There is only one SEC school in that state that I care to write about and that school happens to reside in the loveliest village on the plains, Auburn, Alabama.

While I am now through talking about football, I am nowhere close to being through when it comes to raising the tide for others in your world.  What am I referring to when I talk about “raising the tide?”  Let’s explore this just a little.

I am certainly not a marine biologist or a geographer, but I think I know a little about tides.  They come and go roughly twice per day and the tides are affected by influences that are predominantly outside of this world, with the main influence being the position of the moon with regard to the earth.

A second influence on the tides is the inertial force of the earth as it rotates on a regular basis.  This is more of an internal force when compared with the gravity of the moon.  This comparison of internal and external forces gives a good context for our next steps in this conversation.

The tides of our life are also influenced by internal and external forces much like the tides of our world.  Let’s talk a little more about what some of these internal and external influences are affected by.

Before we do this, let’s better describe what a “life tide” might be.  Here is a quick description:

“The tides of our life consist of the general overall feeling or self perception that we have about our overall success and well being.  These tides ebb and flow on  a regular basis and can go from high to low very quickly.  These life tides are affected by both internal and external influences.”

Let’s now talk about what some of the internal influences might be for our life tide:

  • general health
  • self perception
  • season of life (age, marital status, family status)

Here are a few of the external influences of our life tide:

  • employment
  • friends and relationships
  • location (geographic)

A deeper dive into both internal and external influences will show that we have a great deal of input on some of the issues that “raise and lower” our life tides, but some of the other influencers are completely out of our control.  Here are some examples:

  • A man learns that he has just lost his employment after 20 years with the same firm.  This happens through no fault of his own.  This lowers his tide significantly.
  • A woman learns that she is pregnant with her first child.  This is the result of her proactive efforts with her spouse.  This raises her life tide.
  • A teenage girl learns that she has made the cheerleading squad.  This should raise her life tide.
  • A parent learns that their only child will marry and move to another part of the country.  This will have a mixed influence.

The situations are endless when we look at what affects our life tides.  What I  will talk about in future posts will be how to recognize what state your tide is in and also what you can do to raise your tide if that is what you want to do.

I wish you smooth sailing and high tides!