Random thoughts as we approach the weekend

I’ll do my best to stay on task as we approach the weekend, but it is getting tough to do so on a Friday afternoon.  Here are a few random thoughts as we close out the day:

  • More and more I see very little difference between the week and the weekend.  Saturday blends into Friday and Sunday is the one day where I strive to not work dawn to dusk like every other day of the week.  I enjoy the work, but sometimes the grind gets a little tiring.  I sometimes wonder if others have this type of pace or if I am just a glutton for punishment.
  • As I get older I am more and more thankful that my sons both had jobs while they were in school or between years of college.  In addition I am thankful that they both spent so much time in Scouting.  They both learned so many things from their time in Scouts and they have become very responsible adults as a result of this time in their youth.  It didn’t hurt me much either. Smile
  • Watershed moments in my life become more and more clear as I get older.  I can look back at events 20 or more years ago and see just how important they were/are in making me who I am today.  Many people might wonder why having a degree in engineering physics is relevant to executive search and leadership development.  Trust me, I would not want it any other way.  Remember this word, process.
  • I don’t live to regret much, but one big regret I have is the fact that I did not take a foreign language as a high school or college student.  This requirement was not prevalent while I was in school and I passed up this chance as a result.  This lack of knowledge has really motivated me to recommend to others the importance of a foreign language, any foreign language.  We live in a multi-national economy and we are only strong if we really understand our competitors and our potential clients.  In these days of  a world economy our competitors and clients are often thousands of miles away.  The best gift you can give a friend or a child is an experience outside his or her own country.  Trust me, it is life changing.

Enough rambling for today.

What thoughts do you have this Friday afternoon?