Reflections on a Friday in November

As I sit here getting ready for the 5th business day of the week I am taking a quick pause to reflect upon the comings and goings of the week.  Every week in this country is a great week, but this week has been an amazing week.  Let me share a few insights into why as I reflect:

  • You never know where that next phone call will come from.  People remember you based upon how you interact with them and if you treat them well they will probably remember this when they have a time of need.  Remember the Golden Rule.
  • When something goes wrong, even if it is not your fault, take the high road, always.  Never burn a bridge hastily, never.
  • There are no bad connections, ever.
  • When you enter a situation and your conscience tells you that something is not as it appears, trust your gut.
  • People who label themselves overtly may have not see others labeling them the same way.
  • Remember the first statement….You never know!

I’ll leave you with these today.  There is a story behind each of them, but I will leave the context out.  It is not that important.  Here is why I leave the context out, the last reflection for today.

  • Never judge hastily.  Someone who first appears to be an advocate may not always be so, and someone who appears to be an opponent may end up being your best advocate over the long haul.

Have a blessed weekend!


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